Ringgold's 1890 Days Jamboree
Ringgold, Georgia
Held Friday Evening and All Day Saturday
May 23 - 24, 2008

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Ringgold's 1890 Days Jamboree is a city tradition that is now in its 33rd year. Shown below is Ringgold's main street, Nashville Street, which is lined with vendors selling both food and goods. Many of the side streets were filled with arts and crafts vendors as well. There were two stages that offered entertainment throughout the jamboree. Street Vendors
Above, we see leading the parade and carrying the National Colors our Camp's own Wes Davis. Immediately behind him is Camp Commander James Fletcher. Confederate participants are from the State of Dade Camp 707, Sons of Confederate Veterans. Confederate National Colors were carried by Josh Hooper of the 38th Tennessee Infantry. At right, Wes and Jim resume the march!
Wes & Jim Marching
Ringgold Gap Folks along the street observe the Sons of Civil War Veterans march down the street toward White Oak Mountain and Ringgold Gap. The preserved Western and Atlantic Railroad Depot from pre-Civil War days is at the end of the street. Ringgold Gap was the scene of the sharp fight between General Hooker's Union Corp and General Pat Cleburne's Confederate Division on November 27, 1863.
Stacked Arms
After the parade, the group took a short breather. Here, Josh rests the National Colors atop two stacks of arms as Wes and Jim look on.

A little later, at right, Jim and Wes get their photo taken.

Jim and Wes
Hand shaking Freddie Parris had just assembled the squad for last minute instructions when two ladies came by and asked to shake everyone's hand. Just one of the benefits of being in uniform...!
Ceremonies After taking center stage, both Camps participated in the Opening Ceremonies. Here, Wes Davis stepped forward with the National Colors as local personality "Miss Johnnie Sue" sang the National Anthem. This was followed by the singing of "Dixie" and the pledges to the U. S. Flag, State of Georgia Flag, and salute to the Confederate National Flag.
Courtyard Marker In addition to Ringgold's rich Civil War history (see photo of the Courthouse historical marker at left), many folks came out to honor the veterans of all of America's wars. Below, a 21-gun salute was fired in three successive volleys. The thunderous sound of the guns got everyone's attention!
Our Camp's Mark Steele, third from left in Confederate uniform, was able to observe the ceremony. A back injury kept him from participating on stage.
Standing in Line
Wes, Jim & Mark All around the city this week, over 750 U. S. Flags lined city streets. The names of Catoosa County veterans are with each flag as both the city and county remembered our veterans. Flags Along The Streets

A sincere thanks goes to our Camp members who were able to participate in the day's events. The heat and humidity provided for a good workout in addition to the time spent remembering our veterans.