2006 Memorial Day
Torchlight Tour
Chattanooga National Cemetery

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Here are a few photos from the May 29, 2006 Memorial Day Torchlight Tour of the National Cemetery. The tour guide is Jim Ogden, Historian for the National Park Service, Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. This was his second tour for the day. Due to a news media fault, he conducted a tour at 7:00 PM, and this one again at 8:30 PM. Approximately 50 people attended the first tour, and 40 attended the second tour.

The emphasis this year was on highlighting the graves of the Union soldiers who were killed or died of wounds received during the May 1864 Battle of Reseca. Several members of Missionary Ridge Camp #63, Sons of Union Veterans participated in the evening's event. Note the flags at each of the 37,000+ graves in this cemetery.