Missionary Ridge Camp #63
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

March 8, 2008 Meeting Minutes

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Minutes of the March 8, 2008 Meeting
Held at the Rising Son Tae Kwon Do Studio,
Ridgewood Village Shopping Center, East Ridge, TN

Present: James Fletcher, Bob Dobbs, Wes Davis, Mark Kemp and Harvey Scarborough

Note: Due to a snowfall and unusually cold weather, it was decided to hold an informal meeting as many members could not be present at today's meeting.

Call to Order: Camp Commander Jim Fletcher opened the meeting with a prayer.

Old Business:

Members present were reminded that 2008 dues are now past due and need to be sent to Treasurer Charles Engle as soon as possible.

Bob Dobbs stated that there were several visitors to the Dalton Civil War Show who expressed an interest in our Camp; however, no new applications have been received to date.

It was noted that Harvey Scarborough has submitted his application for Associate Membership in the Camp. He mentioned that it would be "pushing it" for him to wear the "blue uniform" considering his Confederate ancestry and the fact that he was born in Columbia, SC. However, he would like to be considered the Camp's "War Correspondent" as the role would fit him better since he maintains the Camp's website.

New Business:

Honor: Anna Lee Dobbs
Mark Kemp stated that unique to this camp, member Bob Dobbs's mother, Anna Lee Dobbs (91), is a true, living Daughter of a Union Veteran. He suggested that the Camp should honor her as there are only a few persons remaining in the nation who are immediate descendants of Union Veterans. Those present were in agreement to hold such an event. Member Bob Dobbs stated that he would work on arranging a date, time and location.

Headstone Dedication: Jackson Maynard, Co. D, 3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry
Charlie Engle forwarded a note to Commander Fletcher from the family of Union Veteran Jackson Maynard requesting the Camp's assistance in dedicating a headstone at the Martin/Three Point Cemetery in Madisonville, Monroe County, Tennessee. It was mentioned that Kenneth Early of the Department of Tennessee would be interested in this event as his relative was in the same unit during the War. Again, those present were very favorable toward helping with this dedication. Commander Fletcher stated that he would ask Charles Engle to follow up on the details on when the family wanted to hold a ceremony.

Battle of Bridgeport Reenactment
Wes Davis and Jim Fletcher both stated that they were planning to participate in the Battle of Bridgeport reenactment which will be held March 29th & 30th. Others wanting to attend were encouraged to do so.

Battles of Tunnel Hill & Chickamauga Reenactment
It was noted that in September, two more reenactments are being planned. More details on these would be made available later.

Ringgold 1890s Days
The Camp carries the National and Camp flags in the opening parade for 1890s Days. Information would be passed along for members wanting to participate.

Memorial Day Activities
The Camp will again participate in both Confederate and U. S. Memorial Day activities this year. The Confederate Memorial Day activity is held in Chickamauga Battlefield in April at the Georgia State Monument; and, the Camp has several activites for U. S. Memorial Day (May). Again, more information about these events will be passed along to the membership when it becomes available.

Next Meeting:
Those present discussed the next meeting date. Since several of the events discussed above were subject to final arrangements, it was uncertain just when the Camp would meet next. Members were encouraged to watch for the next meeting notice and to check the Camp's website.

Commander Fletcher gave the Benediction and the meeting adjourned at 2:15 PM.