Memorial Day Ceremonies

Miller & Wentworth Graves
Chattanooga Confederate Cemetery
Monday Evening, May 25, 2009

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Missionary Ridge Camp #63 continued the Memorial Day evening by stopping at the Chattanooga Confederate Cemetery to pay respects to two Union soldiers buried somewhere in this cemetery. Many buried here were re-interred years after the War and their remains could not be positively identified.

Several members of our camp proudly stand in prayer during the brief ceremony.

We remember with respect and admiration both Lewis Miller and Sgt. Edward J. Wentworth.
Salute! May you rest in peace.

Following this ceremony, the Camp went to the Chattanooga National Cemetery for the 2009 Torchlight Tour.
John C. Doyle is buried in this cemetery. He was a Confederate soldier and an ancestor of both Jim Fletcher and Mark Steele.

At right, Charlie Engle joins both Jim and Mark as they take a moment to reflect at the marker.
John C. Doyle

Charlie, Jim, Mark