Memorial Day Ceremonies

Miller & Wentworth Graves
Chattanooga Confederate Cemetery
Monday Evening, May 31, 2010

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Missionary Ridge Camp #63 continued the Memorial Day evening by stopping at the Chattanooga Confederate Cemetery to pay respects to two Union soldiers buried somewhere in this cemetery. Although actual information about them is sketchy at best, they were believed to be prisoners-of-war and were in Confederate care in Chattanooga at the time of their deaths in early 1863. The two markers are near the Third Street side of the cemetery opposite the Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences.

A provisional cemetery was started near the Tennessee River with Confederate dead from the battles in 1862 and early 1863. Approximately 900 wooden markers identified the graves; however, over time and after several floods, 141 of the markers were lost. After the War, most all of the soldiers were reinterred to the present Cemetery location which is on much higher ground. Because most of the bodies were intermingled and unidentifiable by then, a mass grave was used to bury most of those soldiers, including these two Union dead. Like many of their Confederate brethren, the markers signify that they are buried in the cemetery although the actual location of their remains is unknown. For this reason, they are not buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetery which was established for the Union dead from the War.

At left, we see our Camp Commander taking a peek at the 34 stars of the U. S. Flag flying above the markers. It is a high quality, Civil War period flag placed there by the N. B. Forrest Camp #3, Sons of Confederate Veterans who co-maintains the cemetery with the City of Chattanooga. Our Camp #63 appreciates Camp #3's consideration and care for these Union soldiers.

Our camp pauses for a moment of silence during the brief ceremony.
A salute ends our ceremony here. Missionary Ridge Camp #63 continued the Memorial Day program on its next stop at the Chattanooga National Cemetery.