Missionary Ridge Camp #63
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

December 13, 2014 Meeting Minutes

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Missionary Ridge Camp #63
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Department of Tennessee (including Alabama)

December 2014 Meeting This meeting was held at 6 PM, Saturday, December 13, 2014 at the home of Jeffrey and Alma Webb, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Those present: Mark Kemp, Robert Dobbs, Jeffrey Webb, Mark Steele, and two guests: Mark Miller and Kenneth Paterson.

Call to Order: Commander Mark Kemp called the meeting to order.

Opening Prayer: Commander Mark Kemp led the group in prayer.

Pledge of Allegiance: Commander Kemp led the group in the Pledge to the United States Flag.

Old Business: There was no old business to discuss.

New Business: New business was the election of officers. The following were nominated at the last meeting:

Camp Commander: Jeffrey Webb
Senior Vice Commander: Mark Steele
Junior Vice Commander: Robert Dobbs
Secretary-Treasurer: Charles Engle
Camp Chaplain: Bill Massey

Council Members: Mark Kemp, Robert Dobbs and Wes Davis
Webmaster: Harvey Scarborough

There being no additional nominations or contestations, those present unanimously elected the nominees as presented.

Next Meeting: Commander Kemp encouraged those present to attend the February meeting to be held during the Dalton Civil War show, the first Saturday in February, 2015. (NOTE: The February meeting place and date has since been changed.)

Adjourn: There being no further business to come before the camp, Commander Kemp adjourned the meeting.

Closing Prayer: Commander Kemp concluded the meeting with a closing prayer.

Respectively submitted,
Mark Kemp, Camp Commander