Missionary Ridge Camp #63
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

May 25, 2015 Camp Meeting

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Missionary Ridge Camp #63
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Department of Tennessee (including Alabama)

This past Memorial Day's activities included our service at the James Watkins Cemetery in Ringgold, Georgia, followed by our Camp Meeting at Cracker Barrel in East Ridge. At the meeting, attended by Camp Commander Jeff Webb, Mark Steele, Mark Kemp and Harvey Scarborough, Commander Webb reported that over $300 was raised for the Camp at the May 23rd yard sale in St. Elmo.

We also discussed the communication from Tim McCoy of the James A. Garfield Camp #1, Baltimore, Maryland. There will be a Roadside Historical Marker dedication on Saturday, June 13 at 2 PM. He has invited us to be present. The ceremony will include several notable speakers. We most likely will meet before the dedication, perhaps at noon to have lunch and a camp meeting. Further word about that will be sent later.

We were unable to visit the Chattanooga Confederate Cemetery to honor the two Union soldiers buried there due to the bicycle race in Chattanooga that had the roads blocked.

However, we did attend the American Legion Memorial Day ceremony in the City of East Ridge. The event organizers recognized our Camp - we couldn't be ignored since the four of us were dressed in Union uniforms and carried our own 34-star flag! We were welcomed (although the speaker did mention that I-75 was the quickest way North from here!). But, we enjoyed the Memorial Day ceremony and were invited to return.

The two attachments with Tim's email are available below:

Roadside Historical Marker Dedication Location: 7723 Dalton Pike, S. E., Bradley County, Tennessee

Roadside Marker Dedication Flyer
Newpaper article