Missionary Ridge Camp #63
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

November 4, 2017 Camp Meeting

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Missionary Ridge Camp #63
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Department of Tennessee (including Alabama and Mississippi)

This meeting was held Saturday, November 4, 2017 at Wally's Restaurant, East Ridge, TN. Prior to the meeting, those attending participated in a fine buffet meal.
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Those present: John Sims, Nick Norwood, Jeffrey Webb, Mark Kemp, Harvey Scarborough, Bob Dobbs, Bill Massey, Tim Massey and guests David McMahon and Alma Webb.

Call to Order: Commander Sims called the meeting to order at approximately 1:19 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance: Commander Sims led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

Opening Prayer: Commander Sims, following SUVCW meeting instructions, led the group in the opening prayer.


Junior ROTC Certificates with Medals: Nick Norwood brought to the meeting a sample ROTC Certificate that is made available to local schools that want to honor a student. Our Camp has made available two certificates and medals this year. Also brought to this meeting were the Honor Their Memory brochures published by the SUVCW that can be passed out by the Camp to prospective members.

Last Meeting's Minutes: Minutes of the last meeting were published on the website. There were no corrections or additions.

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Treasurer's Report: Secretary-Treasurer Mark Kemp gave the Treasurer's Report. He stated that the Camp's balance after the last meeting was $945.70. The only activity was a membership renewal deposit of $30 which brought the balance to $975.70 prior to this meeting.

He further noted that out of the $975 balance, $380 of that amount has been pledged towards the purchase of a flagpole for the Kirkland Cemetery in St. Elmo.

2017 SUVCW National Encampment: Commander Sims reported that he attended the 136th National Encampment of the SUVCW in Lansing, Michigan in August. He enjoyed the meeting that was attended by around 200 persons. He wound up becoming a member of Company A, 14th Michigan Volunteer Infantry! Mark Day was elected the new Commander-In-Chief of the SUVCW. Commander Sims stated that the body passed a resolution condeming the removal of markers, monuments and flags representing both sides of the American Civil War.

Wreaths Across America: Nick Norwood reported that due to the recent controversy about the City of Chattanooga denying ownership for the Chattanooga Confederate Cemetery, the Wreaths Across America program this year that was to take place there on Saturday, December 16 has been cancelled for this year. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is in the process of taking over the ownership/continual care of the cemetery. Nick, as the incoming Commander of the Nathan Bedforest Camp #3, hopes to coordinate programs for the cemetery for the coming year.

Junior Vice Commander: John Sims appointed Nick Norwood to fill the vacancy of Junior Vice Commander until the next election. This appointment was ratified at this meeting by the membership present.

Camp Website Maintenance Transfer: Dave McMahon reported that he would be able to take over maintenance of the Camp's website from Harvey Scarborough and modernize it as discussed last month. He plans to continue to use Godaddy.com as the host. Nick Norwood motioned to approve the transfer of website maintenance from Harvey Scarborough to Dave McMahon. Harvey Scarborough seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. It was agreed that Harvey would pass along to Dave as soon as possible user names/passwords for access to the website files.

It was discussed that, from inception, the costs for maintaining the website has been paid by Harvey; however, it is intended that the Camp will cover these costs going forward.


Camp Dues Increased: In light of the revamped website expense (up to $200/year), Treasurer Mark Kemp motioned that the Camp should increase its dues from $30/year to $35/year to help fray the costs. This motion met with general agreement and it was seconded by Nick Norwood. During the discussion, Treasurer Kemp stated that of the $30 collected per member, $23 goes to the National SUVCW and $2 goes to the Department. This leaves only $5 per person going into the Camp's treasury. It was mentioned that the dues might have to go up to $35, or a fund raiser may be necessary if there is too much of a drain on the treasury in the coming year. Those present unanimously voted to increase the annual dues in 2018 from $30 to $35 per member.

New Camp Banner: Nick Norwood unveiled a new table banner that can be used to identify the Camp at various functions. It is shown below:

Meeting Photo

Nominations for 2018 Camp Officers: Nomination of Camp officers for next year was discussed. Since the current officers have only served one year, Mark Kemp motioned to nominate and to elect the current officers for another year. Nick Norwood seconded the motion. Following further discussion, those present unanimously voted in favor of the current officers serving again in 2018.

Passing of Member Thomas Chumley: It was noted that member Chumley, who resided in California and was a member of this Camp recently passed.

Memorial to Dr. Benjamin Franklin Stevenson, founder of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR): It was reported that Department Commander David McReynolds challenged each camp in the Department to contribute at least $100 toward the creation of an appropriate memorial in Illinois to GAR founder Dr. Stephenson. All Camps in the SUVCW were encouraged to do so.

Nick Norwood stated that, to avoid an expense to this Camp's treasury, he would personally meet the challenge with a $20 donation today. Harvey Scarborough said he would match that donation. Bill Massey and Mark Kemp also contributed $20 each. Dave McMahon and John Sims each contributed $10 which fulfilled the recommended $100 amount!

Veterans Day Memorial Services: Commander Sims noted that there is a Veterans Day memorial service in the Chattanooga National Cemetery on November 11 at 11 AM. Everyone is invited to attend. Nick Norwood stated that he would be attending a service in Sweetwater that day.

Christmas Party Get-together: Alma Webb reminded those present that a Christmas Party Get-together with the Andrew Jackson Penny Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the Union 1861-1865 will be held at Jeff and Alma's house located at 4310 St. Elmo Avenue in St. Elmo. The Webbs are providing the meats and drinks; everyone else can bring a dish if desired. It will start at 6 PM and go until 10 PM.

Program: Mark Kemp presented a program about his relative, Miles Kemp (1828-1893) of the 66th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment, who recorded his War experiences in a diary from which Mark quoted.

Next Meeting: It was unknown exactly when the next meeting would be held - but, it most likely would be one Saturday in February.

Adjourn: There being no further business to come before the camp, Commander Sims adjourned the meeting at approximately 2:55 PM.

Remembering Union Veterans: Those present stated the name of a Union veteran, whether a relative or not, to be honored at this time.

Benediction: Commander Sims led the Camp in the following benediction - "Peace be to the ashes of our Union dead and honor be their memory."

Closing Prayer: Commander Sims concluded the meeting with a closing prayer.

Respectively submitted,
Harvey Scarborough, Recording Secretary