Samuel Poteete Grave Marker Dedication
Saylors Cemetery, White County, Tennessee
Held Saturday Afternoon, December 8, 2007
Camp Badge
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The following Missionary Ridge Camp #63 members participated in the event:

Shown here, from left, are:
Mark Steele

   (holding National Colors) ,
Sam Jones,
Robert Dobbs,
Tommy Smith
(kneeling) ,
Charles Engle,
Wes Davis
    (holding Camp Colors) ,
James Fletcher,
and Mark Kemp.

The following genealogy information was taken from:

ID: I2510
Name: Samuel T. POTEETE
Sex: M
Birth: 7 APR 1842 in White County, TN 1
Death: 20 NOV 1864 in White County, TN 1
Burial: UNKNOWN Saylors Cemetery, White County, TN
Note: Samuel T. Poteet enlisted 25th TN Inf CSA (born White County), Enlisted 1st Mtd Inf USA Co B, Promoted Ser Mar 12, 1864, Killed by Guerillas in White County Nov 28, 1864
19 years old, 5'6", Complexion: Fair, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Light
Tombstone at Saylors Cemetery, b. Apr 7, 1842, d. Nov 20, 1864

The following excerpt was from "Legends & Stories from White County, TN" by Coral Williams, George Peabody College for Teachers, June 1930 as a requirement for Master of Arts Degree, posted at the Daniel Hastings website by Wayne Hastings.

"At another time Jessie Hickman was holding meeting at the same place; he had been warned not to hold night meeting for the bushwhackers had planned a raid on the church house that night. Four Union soldiers were attending, but they had posted a guard below the house. He was to fire a shot in case of danger. The bushwhackers surprised the guard and he fled without firing as he had been instructed. The bushwhackers surrounded the house, spotted the Union boys and fired. One bullet entered Sam Poteetís head in the back and came out at the forehead. He fell dead. As the boys fled, the bushwhackers fired time after time. No other soldier was hit but some of the bystanders were struck by stray bullets.

"When Poteet was shot the bushwhackers entered the house and one called, 'If you donít hush, Iíll make it silence for you in hell.' There was complete silence for a moment but suddenly an old woman rushed to the back door, jerked it open and yelled, 'God-dern, come out of there, Iíve got the door open now.' There was another general stampede as the bushwhackers fired again and again.

"Poteet was left lying in the church until the next day, when the Union boys reinforced came back and took the body for burial. He had been stripped of his boots and other clothing. Hildreth, one of the bushwhackers, was discovered with them on his person when he was shot under his own woodpile by Mont Weaver. Weaver drew the body out from its hiding place and ran his horse over the body. He was put in jail, after the war, for his brutal murder of Hildreth, but the case thrown out of court when tried because it was committed in the war period."

Reference: Mrs. Bill Wilhite, June, 1930.

Father: James POTEETE b: ABT 1797 in Virginia
Mother: Sarah "Sally" PRICE b: 29 JUN 1810 in White County, TN

Title: Saylors Cemetery, White County, TN
Note: White County, TN
Media: Tombstone