March 2007
Missionary Ridge Grapeshot
Newsletter of Missionary Ridge Camp #63
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
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Vol. 1, No. 1 - March 2007

[The minutes of the February 3, 2007 meeting were a part of this issue but are shown at: February 3, 2007 Meeting Minutes]


We had a good turn out for our meeting. Also we did well at our recruitment and sales booth. We sold many of the 2001 Joint SUV/SCV effort medals for $1.00 each and many chances on the Lee/Gordon House painting for $1.00 that Tommy Smith had painted and donated. A lady from Anniston, AL won the painting and she was thrilled at winning it. I drove half way to Anniston by meeting her in Gadsden and giving it to her. Thanks to everyone for helping out.

Bill Shackleford (past Commander) came by with a few copies of the Camp #63 Charter and gave them out.


Brothers, it's that time of the year again - between New Year's and Federal Income Tax Day. If you have not paid dues for 2007, please mail me a check for $22.00 made out to Missionary Ridge '63, SUVCW at: Charlie Engle, Box 1552, Athens, TN 37371-1552. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Your dues go into these areas: $18 to National for various programs and the Banner; $2 goes to the Department of Tennessee for their various expenses (primarily the Annual Encampment); $2 remains in your camp.


March 17 - March 23-24 - 2007 Liberty University Civil War Seminar. For information call Kenny Rowlette or Dr. Cline, (Co-Chairs) at (434) 582-2087. There is a $10 discount to SUV members if registered by March 21.
April 13-14 - Reunion of Sultana's descendents in Athens, Alabama. If it is anything like the one in Knoxville several years ago, it is a worthwhile event. Contact Jean Allen, Double Springs, Alabama at (205) 489-5111 ext. 113.
June 22-23 - "Why Franklin Matters" a comprehensive Civil War heritage event consisting of battlefield tours, roundtable discussions, and special events. Register by logging on to: or calling (615) 595-0636.
April 9-11 - St. Louis, Missouri - See SUVCW National Encampment webpage for specific details. It's within a day's drive of our area. Everyone should go to at least one to see how National operates.
Your attention is directed to the February 2007 Minutes for other doings from our commander. Specific details will be forthcoming.

An email from a brother:
I just found this on the "Find A Grave" site. If this rule goes through, research will be very costly! NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) just issued a proposed rule that will increase the full Civil War packet cost from $37 to $125. Other copy fees will also increase. See 72 FR 8327 - accessible in PDF or full text at: I hope some of you know what that means - I certainly don't). It includes instructions on how to submit comments by 27 April.

[Webmaster note: the following link is to the "text" version as mentioned above. It has been reformatted to HTML for this website]:

Federal Register: February 26, 2007 (Volume 72, Number 37), Proposed Rules, Page 8327-8329


In the field between Petersburg and Appomatox, Va.
The Army of Northern Virginia
April 1865

I had no suspicion that matters were as bad off as they were. Great numbers of men had fallen out of the ranks from fatigue and hunger..... A little drummer boy attached to our regt. Came running towards me and said with eyes sparkling and said, "oh, Col., there is a beautiful fat heifer down there, don't you hear her bell?" I at once deployed a line of skirmishers two hundred strong and, guided by the bell surrounded the unsuspecting animal, and by the time she caught the alarm they had contracted the circle until there was a solid wall of eager men to oppose her efforts at escape. Placing cartridge belts around her horns, we led the prize in triumph to be slaughtered that night... hungry as everybody was the capture of these rations acted like magic, and song and jest resumed their sway. (While these proceedings were going on commissary trains were passing). But attracted by an unusual amount of swearing on the road, I saw something was wrong and I saw them unloading a wagon and found the team had given out. The load was a mixed one of crackers and bacon which the commissary intended to send back for when they went into camp, but upon representing our condition he agreed to let us have it. The men were wild with delight at this immediate relief to their sufferings, for there was enough to give us a pretty fair meal to all, and the bacon in five minutes had disappeared down their throats without waiting for such a useless refinement as cooking.
.....I met my brother Lewis, a Lt. of the Engineer Corps and as he had no prospect for supper he gladly accepted my invitation to spend the night at our bivouac. .....when my share of the heifer came around, and a modest little steak it was and I was so hungry, I swallowed it uncooked and unsalted hot from the shambles and without a mouthful of bread. I was surprised to find out how good it was. Indeed, I could discover no difference between this and rare beef steak, it was so warm and nice. For the last 18 months of the war I never took the trouble to cook bacon on a march, indeed I preferred it uncooked...I carried my bacon wrapped in a piece of paper in my haversack, with hard bread or crackers; when hungry all there was to do was to slice off thin pieces, take out a cracker and eat. But raw beef I had never attempted before and to be relished I should say from this experience; take it hot and fresh. I was greatly amused at my brother's horror at seeing the way I got outside my ration. He worked away at his until he got it scorched over a green-pine wood fire, but I dare say it was not a bit better for it.

War Years with Jeb Stuart
Lieut. Colonel W. W. Blackford, CSA
Pages 285-287

Brothers, for future newsletters please feed me whatever you think might be of interest to our brothers. Send me biographies of your ancestors, coming events, sickness, etc.

Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty
For the Camp Commander
James Fletcher CC
By: Charlie Engle Sec/Tres