March 2008
Missionary Ridge Grapeshot
Newsletter of Missionary Ridge Camp #63
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
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Vol. 8, No. 1 - March 2008

Date:Fri, 7 Mar 2008 7:48 pm


Vol.08       N0.01

The Camp’s Officers for 2007 were reelected for the year 2008. They are as follows:
      Camp Commander---James Fletcher;
      Senior Vice Commander---Mark Steele;
      Junior vice Commander---Bob Dobbs;
      Sec/Tres---Charlie Engle.

      Chaplain---Bill Massey;
      Patriotic Instructor---Mark Kemp;
      Council---Wes Davis;
            Mark Kemp
            Tommy Smith.

"I consider it an honor and privilege to serve again as Camp Commander. I will do my best to preserve and build up the camp as the past commanders have done. I want to thank all the officers and members for their efforts that we as a camp have done in the past year in keeping the loyalty and fraternity of MRC #63 in such things as Memorial Day observations and Headstone Dedications.

We thank Mr. Scarborough of the Chattanooga Round Table for continuing the website for MRC. Many functions of the camp can be seen there. It is located at: [NOTE: this has since been changed to the camp's own website - see below.]

I will need and would appreciate your help as we continue the goals of the Sons of the Union Veterans.
With F C L and thanks,
James Fletcher, CC"

"Brothers, I have taken the liberty to create the camp’s own website: Visitors to this site will need to type in the above address. Brothers may wish to save it by making it a favorite and may also create a shortcut icon.

The camp's new site is hosted by I’ve established this account with them for two years. This is my” contribution to the cause,” as long as the camp approves. All members are encouraged to contribute useful information to the site. This can be can be sent to me via email at or try my home address: 411 Brownwood Circle, Ringgold, Ga 30736.
Harvey Scarborough"

The Department of Tennessee held its 13th Annual Encampment this past January at Montgomery, Ala. The meeting was held in the old Capitol Building, a magnificent structure, predating The War Between the States. In fact, you can stand on the exact same spot where Jefferson Davis stood when he was sworn in as President of the Confederate States. Probably the best example of Confederate Civil War monuments stands besides the old Capitol. Unfortunately, shortly before we got there some ignoramouses, spray painted grafetti on one of the soldier statues. Unfortunately for them, they did not realize that they were being video taped by a survalence camera and now await trail. They did not realize that the state of Alabama owns the monument. The charge is the destruction of government property.

The following officers were elected for 2008:
      ---Department Commander- Kent Early Camp Wilson:
      ---Senior Vice Commander-Bill Butler Camp Wilson;
      ---Junior Vice Commander- Sam Gant Camp Ft. Donaldson;
      ---Sec/Tres- Tod Jannett – Camp Wilson.

The Department for 2009 will be hosted by Camp Ft. Donaldson at Spring Hill, Tenn.
The charter for Camp Sander, Knoxville, Tenn, currently in suspension, has been revoked.
The dinner meal was well attended with at least 30 present.

The next time you see Brother Harvey Scarborough please extend him the right hand of fellowship and welcome him into the order. He does so much good work with the website that he decided that he might as well “join up”.


08 March - Camp MR 63 meeting, East Ridge, Tenn.

Thanks to you and your family for making your son’s studio available for our meeting, Mark.

14-16 March - Battle of Shiloh reenactment.

Last weekend, Mar Bridgeport, Ala reenactment;

05 April - Burns, Tenn. Sallie’s Spring Cotillion hosted by Tenn. Society order of Confederate Rose;

19 April - Ft. Donaldson meeting, Franklin, Tenn. This is the camp’s first meeting in over three years and would appreciate our support.

Last Sunday in April The SCV’s will host their annual ceremony at the Georgia Monument on the Chickamauga NB. They have graciously invited our camp to carry the colors and it is a moving ceremony.

10 May - Kennesaw, Ga. area. The Department of Georgia and South Carolina will be activated. The National Commander, Brother Charlie Kuhn, will preside. Can you believe the Sons of the Union having a presence in S.C,?

Memorial Day Ceremonies The exact details have not been decided upon but it is our custom to honor the Union soldier buried in Catoosa Co., Ga. and those in the Confederate Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tenn. Our last Memorial Day ceremony is to assist Jim Ogden, NPS, at the National Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tenn. in honoring soldiers of America buried there.

19 July - Hallowed Ground; A Lantern Tour of Stones River Nat’l Cemetery.

19-20 July - Artillery Battery Programs, Stones River Nat’l Battlefield. Stones River NB hosts many programs on a variety of subjects. Please check their website for specifics.

Brothers. This is my most unpleasant and least looked forward to duty. I put it off until time begins to run out. I must ask you for your 2008 dues. The dues are still holding at $22.00. Please make your check out for that amount, made out to Missionary Ridge, SUVCW, and mail it to me, Charles Engle, PDC, at Box 1552, Athens, Tenn. 37371-1552. I thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. May I remind you that $18.00 goes to National, $2.00 goes to the Dept. of Tenn., and $2.00 stay with the camp.

I have no specific Brothers to report on although I am certain that some of you have illnesses. If you know of anyone please bring it to my attention and I’ll get the word out. Let us hope that the flu season has been gentle upon you?


I had the great honor of speaking before Veterans of the Burma China India campaign of WWll. When you see these veterans all advanced in age, you are drawn to think about the fact that it is almost 145 years after the Civil War. We are organized to “remember the Boys in Blue” who preserved us as a nation. As I looked at them, I thought “will there in a hundred or so years be an organization that will remember them? It was this thought that caused me to pause and realize just how special our organization is. We are banded together with one purpose to keep our organization vital and growing to ensure that years from now the story of “the Boys in Blue” shall not be forgotten.
Message from the National Vice President, Auxiliary to the Sons of the Civil War
Jan Harding

Editor’s note: ditto thought for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Please address your thoughts, corrections, additions, ect., ect. To
Charlie Engle, Box 1552, Athens, Tenn. 37371 1552 or email to: FCL
ChEngle, PDC