Camp Meeting – February 3, 2018


Minutes of the Meeting of the

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War,

Missionary Ridge Camp #63

Held February 3, 2018

At Wally’s Restaurant, East Ridge, Tennessee


Those attending met prior to the start of this meeting to eat lunch.

Call to Order: Commander John Sims called the meeting to order at 1 PM. Those attending were: John Sims, Nick Norwood, Mark Kemp, Harvey Scarborough and Dave McMahon.

Pledge: Commander Sims led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

OLD BUSINESS: There was no old business to come before the Camp.


Treasurer’s Report: Secretary-Treasurer Mark Kemp reported that in November 2017, the Camp had in the treasury a balance of $945.70. Deposits in November totaled $165 and one check was written for $100. The ending balance for the month totaled $1,010.70. There was no activity in December. In January 2018, he received $245 in dues bringing the balance to $1,255.70. Additional dues were paid today, and a check was written, all of which will be reported at the next meeting. Treasurer Kemp noted that he was still having trouble getting the Camp’s tax ID number. Commander Sims recommended a contact for help and information.

Website Maintenance: John Sims thanked Harvey Scarborough for his many years of service to the Camp in creating and maintaining the website. He then asked Dave McMahon to report on the progress of the re-vamped website.

Webmaster Dave McMahon stated that, as of this morning, the newly formatted site is up and running. He reported that the Camp’s web address domain name – –  has been renewed for another five years. He also reported that the website itself is a secured site now, and that the hosting is good for another three years. Included in the visually friendly site is an email address for the Camp which is

When asked about the cost, Dave responded that he took care of the cost for the Camp. Commander Sims thanked him for his help, expertise and generous service to the Camp.

New Member: Dave McMahon submitted his genealogy research and application to join the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and handed his paperwork to Secretary Kemp. Commander Sims made motion to accept Dave’s membership application to Missionary Ridge Camp 63 pending the National’s approval of his application. Motion was seconded by Mark Kemp which passed unanimously.

Sergeant-At-Arms Post: Commander Sims noted that this post has been vacant for some time. He stated that, as commander, he is appointing Dave McMahon to the post of Sergeant-At-Arms. Dave McMahon accepted the position.

Business Cards for Camp #63: Junior Vice Commander (JVC) Nick Norwood stated that in addition to the SUVCW brochures, he recommended that the Camp purchase business cards that can be easily passed out to prospective members or other entities. He provided examples of cards that displayed the organization’s name, website address, and other pertinent information. It was noted that 500 or even 1,000 could be obtained at a relatively inexpensive price. Those present were generally in favor of the purchase. Nick stated that he would come up with a design and get approval from the Camp prior to ordering. He intended to place an order, probably with VistaPrint, when they offered a sale.

Camp Flag: JVC Norwood stated that this Camp should have a flag for both meeting and ceremonial purposes. It was stated that the Camp already has a 3’ x 5’ blue flag with the Camp’s name in addition to a 34 or 35-star flag. Secretary Kemp said he believes he has possession of the flags. Commander Sims asked the Secretary to bring the flags to future meetings.

Chattanooga Area Veterans Council: Commander Sims noted that the annual dues are due to the Council for 2018. The Camp was happy to sponsor membership in the organization for another year.

Department Patriotic Report: JVC Norwood stated that he would be tendering his Patriotic Report at the Department meeting April 7th. He asked for, and received, several instances of the Camp’s activities.

Next Meetings: It was noted that since the next meeting of the Department of Tennessee will take place the first Saturday in April (7th) that Camp #63 will have it’s next meeting the second Saturday in April – the 14th. Commander Sims polled the attendees, and all were in favor of continuing to hold the Camp’s meetings at Wally’s Restaurant in East Ridge at 1:00 PM. It was discussed that the remaining regular meetings this year will be held on Saturday, August 4th and Saturday, November 3rd.

Speaker: This month, Dave McMahon talked about his Civil War relative, his great-grandfather’s brother Edward Henry Alvord of Company D, 3rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Alvord spent the first two years of the War as a private in the infantry, but he transferred to hospital service for the remainder of the War as a nurse/steward. He became a corporal and was stationed in Maryland.

Adjourn: There being no further business to come before the Camp, Commander Sims led the Camp in the Benediction. The Camp dismissed at approximately 2:20 PM.

Respectively submitted,

Harvey Scarborough, Recording Secretary

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