Camp Meeting – November 3, 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of Missionary Ridge Camp #63

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Saturday, November 3, 2018


Those in Attendance were: John Sims, Nick Norwood, Mark Miller, Mark Kemp, Harvey Scarborough, Kenneth Patterson, Bill Shackelford, Chip Brown, Kim McNabb, Tim Hill, Jeff Webb and Alma Webb.

Call to Order: At 1:01 PM, Commander John Sims called the meeting to order.

Pledge of Allegiance: Commander Sims led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag.

Opening Prayer: Chaplain Sims led the group in prayer.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Mark Kemp presented the Treasurer’s report. He stated the Camp had a balance of $943.70 just prior to the writing of a check today in the amount of $8.72. The balance currently is $934.98. He further stated that he has received 2019 dues from several folks today which will increase this balance accordingly.

Camp 63’s Charter: Senior Vice Commander Nick Norwood reported that he has received from member Bill Shackelford a large photocopy of the Camp’s charter. He also stated that the original charter has yet to be located, but that this copy will be used as a substitute at future meetings. Jeff Webb motioned to authorize Nick to pursue obtaining a color copy of the charter from the National SUVCW as well as to make additional copies of this charter for the membership. Bill Shackelford seconded the motion. It was stated that even if a color copy cannot be obtained, it would be a good idea to have additional copies spread around the membership to assure the charter’s future availability. Motion passed unanimously.

Member Bruce W. Pitt’s Passing: It was brought to the membership’s attention that member Bruce Pitt passed away August 13th. Commander John Sims stated that Bruce was cremated and that his remains were buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetery. Commander Sims placed information on the website (see

Wreaths Across America: Nick Norwood reported that there would be two ceremonies for the Wreaths Across America that would be of interest to the membership. The first will be held at 10 AM, December 15 at the Chattanooga Confederate Cemetery to honor the two Union soldiers buried there. The second ceremony will be held at the Chattanooga National Cemetery at noon that same day. Motion was made by Jeff Webb and seconded by Dave McMahon to purchase two wreaths ($15 each) for the two Union graves. Alma Webb stated that the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War would like to purchase one of those wreaths. Motion to approve the purchases passed unanimously and it was amended to acknowledge the Daughters’ participation in the joint purchase of the wreaths as they could reimburse Camp 63 for the purchase.

New Business:

Certification of Merit to Mark Kemp:  Commander John Sims presented to Secretary-Treasurer Mark Kemp a Certificate of Merit for the untold work he has given to the Camp in his capacity as Secretary – Treasurer.

Commander Sims stated that the mass of paperwork the jobs entail that Mark has done over the years has been a great help to him as Commander of this Camp. He again thanked Mark for his hard work and dedication to Camp 63, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

[In the presentation photo, accompanying Mark Kemp (right) and John Sims (left is member Bill Shackelford (center).]



Camp Elections: At this time, nominations from the floor were requested by Commander Sims for the following positions:

Camp Commander (Currently held by John Sims)

Senior Vice Commander (Currently held by Nick Norwood)

Junior Vice Commander (Currently unfilled)

Secretary-Treasurer (Currently held by Mark Kemp)

Council of Administration (Currently held by Mark Kemp, Bob Dobbs, Tim Smith)

After nominations were made individually for each post, those present voted for each position that had only single nominees. The elections were for two-year terms. Since there were no contestations, the voice votes carried unanimously for the following:

Camp Commander: Nick Norwood

Senior Vice Commander: Dave McMahon


Junior Vice Commander: Harvey Scarborough

Secretary-Treasurer: Mark Kemp

Council of Administration: Bob Dobbs, Bill Shackelford, John Sims

Outgoing Camp Commander John Sims administered the Oath of Office to those newly elected officers.

Incoming Camp Commander Nick Norwood accepts the gavel from outgoing Camp Commander John Sims.


“Brother in Good Standing:” Past Camp Commander John Sims presented to Dave McMahon his “Brother in Good Standing” membership into the Sons of Union Veterans, Missionary Ridge Camp #63. Although Dave has been a Camp member since last year, his certificate was presented to him at this time.



Christmas Meeting Party: Alma Webb reminded those present that she and Jeff will be hosting this year’s Christmas party at their house to be held Saturday, December 8, 2018 starting at 6 PM. It is cover dish. The Webb’s address is: 4310 St. Elmo Avenue, Chattanooga, TN.

Camp Chaplain Appointed: Commander Norwood re-appointed John Sims as Camp Chaplain for the coming year.

2019 Camp Meetings: Commander Norwood set the following dates for future meetings: February 9, 2019, May 4, 2019, August 3, 2019 and November 2, 2019. After some discussion, all present were in favor of continuing to meet at Wally’s Restaurant in East Ridge, TN. Meeting times will continue to start at 1 PM (come earlier if you want to eat without interruption due to the meeting); all dates are Saturdays. Additional meetings may be called if needed; the above dates may be changed if necessary.

Donation to the Battle of Franklin Trust: Commander Norwood discussed the need to donate funds to support the preservation of acreage comprising the battlefield at Franklin, Tennessee. Much progress has been made to acquire land and to remove commercial buildings. John Sims motioned to approve a $50 donation to the Battle of Franklin Trust. Mark Kemp seconded the motion. After further discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

SCV Christmas Party: Commander Norwood (also camp commander of Nathan Bedford Forrest Camp #3, Sons of Confederate Veterans) invited those present to attend the SCV Christmas Party which will be held Tuesday, 6 PM, December 11 at the Rib & Loin Restaurant in Hixson, Tennessee. Attendees can bring an unwrapped children’s toy which will become a gift to a child in need.

Adjourn: Commander Norwood, concluding that all Camp business had been brought before the membership, declared the meeting adjourned at 2:06 PM.

Remembering the War: At this time, each member present presented the name of an individual or unit that participated in the Civil War.

Benediction: Chaplain Sims led the Camp in the Benediction. “Peace be to the ashes of our Union dead and honor be to their memory.”

Closing Prayer: Chaplain Sims led the Camp in the closing prayer.


Respectively submitted,

Harvey Scarborough, Recording Secretary

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